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Cocktail Culture

retro vintage bar hotel cocktail lounge red neon brick glass block jennifer price studio solo cedros

Oh, what a welcome sight on a hot summer night … a neon BAR sign complete with requisite martini glass!  Refreshment awaits behind that brick and glass block.

With a nod to the classic cocktail culture, Jennifer Price Studio will soon be stocking artisanal drink mixers and nibbles to complement our array of vintage bar and glassware.

Small-batched, handcrafted bitters and syrups, gourmet “beer nuts”, olives and chocolate will share the shelves with our vintage French café ware, “Mad Men” highballs, martini shakers, carafes and wine buckets.  Muddlers, citrus juicers and other necessary tools will complete the picture.

We’ve chosen some deliciously creative cocktail complements so far, but are open to suggestions for more handmade products with cool packaging … and if they’re local, even better!  Please shoot me a line if you have any ideas.  Cheers!


// Photo:  Jennifer Price in Livingston, Montana


June 2013

summer blue beach coastal fun industrial patina green aqua sign light table jennifer price studio solo cedros

Melting …

summer heat august productivity Jennifer Price SoLo Cedros

What happened to August?  Feels like it melted away.  It started out with a business trip to Vegas, where we were greeted by the Las Vegas Design Center pictured above, setting the tone for the month.

August was oppressive.  I know, my east coast and southern friends, I have no right to complain about southern California weather.  But remember, most of us here don’t have A/C.  For me … not in the house, the shop or the studio.

It’s hard to be productive when you’re uncomfortable.  But after a week or so of wallowing in the heat, I decided to “give in to the sweat”.  I cut my hair and went for minimal makeup.  I beefed up my walking and hiking regimen.  I purged, reorganized and painted my home and office.  I tackled multiple pallets stacked mile high with boxes full of purchases from summer buying trips.  I figured, if I’m gonna’ sweat standing still, I might as well make it worthwhile and get stuff done!  Although my creative productivity was at a low (hence my infrequent posts an updates), I emerged from August actually sort of refreshed.  After all, sweating is detoxifying, right?

That said, now I’m more than ready for the mercury to drop.  A clean slate and cool temps should encourage lots of creativity for the upcoming holidays.  Stay tuned!


//Photo:  Jennifer Price





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