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Happy Anniversary SoLo!

solo cedros design district

Eleven years ago this week, 309 South Cedros Avenue was abuzz … delivery trucks unloading, display cabinets being installed, artwork going up, computers booting … excitement was in the air!  SoLo was about to open its doors!

SoLo was the brainchild of Carole Carden, owner of Del Mar’s beloved and sorely missed Esmerelda Books & Coffee.  Carole and I had boutiques in the Cedros Trading Company, which was a collective of about forty merchants, previously occupying the building that houses SoLo now.

In 2000, the building was sold and the Trading Company dissolved by spring of 2001.  The new owner of this 10,000 sf warehouse enlisted the services of acclaimed architect Jennifer Luce to “gut” the warehouse and build it out to accommodate his landscape design studio and a retail operation to front the space.  He then approached the owner of his favorite bookstore, asking her to bring an outpost of Esmerelda to Cedros Avenue.  But with the book business suffering, Carole had a better idea.  Take the standout merchants from the Cedros Trading Company (all looking for new outlets), bring in a few notable newcomers, and form a more selective collective of about eight merchants to offer a truly unique and diversified shopping experience.  The result is SoLo, the standout of the bustling Cedros Design District for eleven years now!

The 4,000 sf space is anchored by Carole’s perfectly curated art/design/architecture/lifestyle book selections.  SoLo offers diverse styles of home furnishings and accessories, antiques and art, cards and gifts, soaps and candles, toys … something for everyone.  Most of our core group is still intact and I’m so proud to be a part of the talented and creative team that is SoLo!

Cheers to our eleventh anniversary!  Love ya’ Carole!


And for a bit of insight into how I got started in this business, check out this recent post from Grafitti Beach.


// Photo: Jennifer Price


Headline News

newspaper san diego vista tote bag recycled newsboy

The Vista Press was the northern San Diego city’s newspaper for 69 years, beginning in 1926.  I found this old newsboy’s canvas vest at an antiques shop in Vista.  Designed to be worn over the carrier’s neck, it held papers in front & back pockets.  I shipped it off to my infinitely talented sister to reimagine it as something new …

After giving the vest a good cleaning, she salvaged every part of it to create two fab totebags.  She inserted small magnets where the original d-rings were as closures.  The handles were made from leftover dark brown carpet binding, which she bleached to match the color of the logo.  All lovingly created on Mom’s 1960’s sewing machine (on which she made our baby clothes!).

A classic workhorse being put back into service!

Furniture’s on the Menu

cucina enoteca irvine california jennifer price solo solana beach los angeles times lighting

We’ve been lucky to have contributed to the eclectic décor of hot Southern California restaurants, Cucina Urbana in San Diego and Cucina Enoteca in Irvine.  Our original lighting handmade from vintage cages, baskets, wire forms and blown glass drops illuminate the dining rooms and bars of these trendy spots.  After fielding numerous requests from diners about the unique items that fill her restaurants, owner Tracy Borkum decided it was time to offer the furniture, lighting & accessories for sale, available to order from a menu at the host stand and also online.

I’ll take the short rib pappardelle with a barstool on the side, please.

Read the Los Angeles Times article here.

February 2012

corrugated steel mirrors lockers recycled glassware industrial  vintage photos iron racks and more found objectsstools from jennifer price solana beach san diego california

December 2011

handmade holiday and christmas gifts  from jennifer price solana beach san diego california


Indulge yourself and those you love.  … with gifts you won’t find anywhere else. Statement furnishings & conversation pieces; vintage, handmade & creative indulgences.

Best of San Diego Honor

san diego riviera magazine jennifer price studio solo solana beach california best of What a surprise to open up Riviera Magazine‘s Best of San Diego issue and find that they named Jennifer Price Studio #1 in the Best of Home category!  Sweet!


Hot Finds and Cool Stuff



camp cottage summer french jennifer price solo solana beach california san diego home garden lifestyles magazine

Nice feature in San Diego Home Garden Lifestyles magazine’s “Bazaar: Hot Finds & Cool Stuff” article.

Weekend Getaway

arizona san diego jennifer price studio at solo solana beach california shop

We are “Where to Shop” in San Diego, according to AZ magazine … “Our favorite shop, SoLo, is like Anthropologie meets the Paris Flea Market”.





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