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We’re often asked about the history of the old items we sell, but it’s rare that bios come along with them.  Believe me, we ask, but often it’s hearsay or speculation.  Sometimes, we get lucky and we find something at the original source … a shut-down factory or grandpa’s old workshop … where provenance can be revealed.  But most often it’s left to our imagination and sometimes more fun that way.

You Know You Want It!

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August 2013

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July 2013

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What Was It?

antique vintage wire lamp hanging light industrial metal jennifer price studio solo

It’s time for “What Was It?”, where you try to guess what it was before it became what it is!  We’re famous for reimagining found objects into functional pieces, particularly lamps.

What do you think this was before we turned it into a hanging light?  Answer here.


// Photo: Jennifer Price

Freshly Picked – Primitive Cobbler’s Bench!

wood antique early primitive cobblers bench coffee table jennifer price studio solo

Ooooh, couldn’t wait to share my newest find!  Arriving in the shop this week is this fabulous antique cobbler’s bench.  Beautifully crafted with dovetail joints, it’s rare to find these early benches so sturdy and complete with all fourteen drawers perfectly intact.   Many of these older pieces can tend to have a cutesy country look to them, but the clean lines and apothecary-type drawers make this one feel more rustic industrial.  And in my opinion, it has just the right amount of wear & tear.

Probably dating from the mid 1700’s to late 1800’s, I’m struggling to pin down its age, as I haven’t come across another example quite like it.  I always learn a lot from my customers, so if you’re knowledgeable about this primitive piece, please share!


// Photo: Jennifer Price

June 2012

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Re-recycling – Bobbin Hourglass Lamps

antique sewing bobbins hourglass handmade lamp recycled

This is a case of RE-recycling.

Many years ago, a creative soul had the vision to recycle antique bobbins, giving them new purpose as hourglass frames. When I came across a box of them at a local antique shop, the hourglasses had long been broken. But I immediately re-imagined them as lamps.

My sister Joy, handywoman extraordinaire, took the task on, cleaning them up, configuring the electrical components incorporating new cloth covered cord & adding feet for stabilization. The shape is modern, but the materials rustic … a nice juxtaposition.

For sale here.

Photos//Jennifer Price





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