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Junk Bonanza is coming to our ‘hood!

junk bonanza vintage antique flea market del mar san diego california

The famous Junk Bonanza vintage market, founded in Minnesota in 2006 by Ki Nassauer, is coming to our neighborhood! I’m thrilled to be participating as a seller, along with an amazing group of vintage vendors (I don’t mean that we’re vintage …).  The show is right around the corner, March 20-22nd at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, a new venue added this year to the growing Junk Bonanza line-up.  And our store is literally right around the corner (less than a mile away) … so plan to make a day, or a weekend, of it and come play with us!  I also contributed a local’s list of fun places in the area to shop, dine, sip & chill … see you there!

We ♥ you

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Bits & Pieces

recycled reclaimed art collage vintage antique exhibit jennifer price studio solo cedros graffiti beach south park san diego artoberfest walkabout

It’s amazing how bits and pieces scavenged from the garage can be transformed in the hands of true artists.

My sister Joy and I both have garage studios brimming with junk we’ve been collecting for years, knowing that at some point we’ll find the perfect use for it.  I mean literally “junk” and I mean literally “for years”!  Broken fragments, leftovers from projects, weird parts of discarded items that rightfully should have been relegated to the trashbin were detoured to boxes in the garage.  Lots of boxes, with lots of junk.  But cool junk.  Don’t you wish you could shop our garages?  Well, we did.

Joy and I have collaborated on a collection of art pieces that utilize lots of those collected bits and pieces.  Little boxes (some handmade with discarded wood and old hardware, some vintage) become canvases for assemblages of “junk” …  an old sewing machine drawer now showcases an 1893 sprinkler head, a rusty metal horse comb makes a strong graphic statement in a handmade box, layers of discarded materials are artfully arranged to become clockfaces.  One box is an abstract collage made entirely of unaltered scraps of wood, broken chopsticks and used paint stirrers.  Tiny glass vials are strung on an old glass slide viewing box and rewired to create a one-of-a-kind light.  Antique tripods are deconstructed to construct new architectural lamps.  We’re having fun!  And feeling a bit less like hoarders in the process.

We’re lucky to have Joy here from Florida this week and we’ll be debuting our collection at the ArtOberfest walkabout in South Park, San Diego this Saturday evening.  Graffiti Beach, a great shop dedicated to promoting independent artists, has graciously offered to feature our work in their space.  This is a really fun event in a super cool neighborhood and we’re excited to be a part of it.  Accenting our creations will be some of our late father’s vintage photographs.  Please come by and say hi!  After Saturday, the collection will move to my shop at SoLo.


//Photos:  Jennifer Price & Joy Price

June 2012

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Headline News

newspaper san diego vista tote bag recycled newsboy

The Vista Press was the northern San Diego city’s newspaper for 69 years, beginning in 1926.  I found this old newsboy’s canvas vest at an antiques shop in Vista.  Designed to be worn over the carrier’s neck, it held papers in front & back pockets.  I shipped it off to my infinitely talented sister to reimagine it as something new …

After giving the vest a good cleaning, she salvaged every part of it to create two fab totebags.  She inserted small magnets where the original d-rings were as closures.  The handles were made from leftover dark brown carpet binding, which she bleached to match the color of the logo.  All lovingly created on Mom’s 1960’s sewing machine (on which she made our baby clothes!).

A classic workhorse being put back into service!

Re-recycling – Bobbin Hourglass Lamps

antique sewing bobbins hourglass handmade lamp recycled

This is a case of RE-recycling.

Many years ago, a creative soul had the vision to recycle antique bobbins, giving them new purpose as hourglass frames. When I came across a box of them at a local antique shop, the hourglasses had long been broken. But I immediately re-imagined them as lamps.

My sister Joy, handywoman extraordinaire, took the task on, cleaning them up, configuring the electrical components incorporating new cloth covered cord & adding feet for stabilization. The shape is modern, but the materials rustic … a nice juxtaposition.

For sale here.

Photos//Jennifer Price





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