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All Saints

all saints store london new york industrial design sewing machines

I kept hearing, “you don’t know All Saints?!”  I’d go on the website of this British High Street clothing company & didn’t get what I was missing.  But then I was stopped short in my tracks while walking around SoHo in NYC, when I came across a dramatic storefront window displaying a massive grid of antique sewing machines.  I walked inside All Saints to find a jaw-dropping space, filled to the brim with industrial eye-candy!  It’s really over-the-top … sewing machines as far as the eye can see, walls of old spools, thousands of cobbler’s shoe forms, huge industrial textile mill machines, great vintage worktables & steel shelving.  It was chock-a-block with clothes, too (which is what they sell), but I was blinded by the decor.  I don’t know if all the stores are this extreme, but with over seventy stores worldwide, I can’t imagine that there’s an antique sewing machine left to be had anywhere else.  A must see for any industrial design lover!

Headline News

newspaper san diego vista tote bag recycled newsboy

The Vista Press was the northern San Diego city’s newspaper for 69 years, beginning in 1926.  I found this old newsboy’s canvas vest at an antiques shop in Vista.  Designed to be worn over the carrier’s neck, it held papers in front & back pockets.  I shipped it off to my infinitely talented sister to reimagine it as something new …

After giving the vest a good cleaning, she salvaged every part of it to create two fab totebags.  She inserted small magnets where the original d-rings were as closures.  The handles were made from leftover dark brown carpet binding, which she bleached to match the color of the logo.  All lovingly created on Mom’s 1960’s sewing machine (on which she made our baby clothes!).

A classic workhorse being put back into service!

Lizard Lounge, Portland Oregon

industrial carts lights medical cabinets warehouse

I love revisiting my industrial treasures in their new homes …

Five years ago, while exploring the Pearl District in Portland Oregon, I saw a sign for the “Lizard Lounge” hanging on one of the district’s great old warehouse buildings. Thinking it was probably a cool bar, I had to investigate. But inside, I discovered a retail store that had only just opened their doors to the public. The Lizard Lounge is a clothing “lounge” created by Horny Toad activewear company. The concept store features cool clothes & accessories, local artists, occasional live music, comfy seating areas with TVs & free wireless, an iMac bar and fresh Stumptown coffee on hand at all times.

Taking note of the industrial display fixtures (some of which were rescued from the basement of this former Crane Plumbing Building), I made it known that I peddle similar wares. Shortly thereafter, a truck was being loaded up at SoLo, bound for Portland. My pieces joined a collection of old factory carts, foundry tables, medical cabinets & vintage machinery that provide a creative backdrop for Lizard Lounge’s garments. Throwback items like old cash registers, typewriters and toolboxes round out the great displays.

A must-visit when in PDX!

Photos//Jennifer Price

May 2012

steel lamps ceramic dishes vintage tools liquor decanters cocktail reclaimed wood drafting table jennifer price studio solo cedros

March 2012

Re-recycling – Bobbin Hourglass Lamps

antique sewing bobbins hourglass handmade lamp recycled

This is a case of RE-recycling.

Many years ago, a creative soul had the vision to recycle antique bobbins, giving them new purpose as hourglass frames. When I came across a box of them at a local antique shop, the hourglasses had long been broken. But I immediately re-imagined them as lamps.

My sister Joy, handywoman extraordinaire, took the task on, cleaning them up, configuring the electrical components incorporating new cloth covered cord & adding feet for stabilization. The shape is modern, but the materials rustic … a nice juxtaposition.

For sale here.

Photos//Jennifer Price





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